Plasterboard, also referred as a drywall, is the most used material for finishing the interior walls. It is often found in apartments and shops. This material is created with a mixture of water, cardboard, plaster and other elements that are left to dry. Considered it always consists of heavy and solid elements, it is an ideal material for making walls and ceilings.

Paint the Plasterboard?

Despite its greatness, you can find there are many types of plasterboards which are dangerous to be used. For example, the ones with asbestos. Asbestos product was completely banned on 2003. However, there are still plenty of the asbestos products being installed in houses built before it was banned.

So, in order to be safe and secure, you have to check whether there is asbestos presence within your plasterboards. You should be careful when you are checking them. Have a thorough inspection through professional services. They will give you quality Asbestos Testing in Melbourne ( So get the service now and follow it up by a removal process. You should keep you and your family safe from being exposed to asbestos.

Painting a drywall is relatively easy. However, to get the best result, you must follow a series of steps that include some preparation work and, of course, the asbestos removal procedure. Now, let’s see together what does it take to paint the plasterboard.

You should prepare these following items before you start the work:

  • Sufficient paint
  • Two painting blades
  • Quality brushes
  • Quality rollers
  • Primer
  • Plastic covers
  • An anti-drop cloth to lay on the floor
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Grease gun
  • A scale and a bucket of 20 liters
  • Scotch tape

Before beginning to paint the plasterboard, the walls must be arranged. Start cleaning the surfaces to be painted: on the walls and the ceiling. Generally, a lot of dust, cobwebs and other particles like dirt are deposited there. Even though they are not visible, do not start to paint until everything is cleaned. Use a vacuum cleaner or microfiber cloths with a detergent to clean it, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

You should be sure to collect all the grease, oil and heavy dirt. Cut the edges that you do not want to paint, including the skirting boards. Then you must cover the furniture with a plastic cloth, this is so they will not get dirty later. You should also cover the floor with the professional anti-drop cloths. However, you should not use plastic to cover the floor, as the paint would form puddles, it may result a risk of slipping which will be dangerous for anyone.

You also need to apply a primer before painting it with carton. People often omit this passage to save time and money, but you should know this is a really important step. When you skip it, you have to give three finishing hands instead of just two. The important thing is to choose one quality which is essential. Even though you are trying to give a glossy finishing to the plasterboard. You should make sure the old color transpires through the new paint. Use a primer of a color that is the same as the painted one, unless it is a deep tone. In this case, use gray color to paint the plasterboard.

For true painting, make sure you have enough paint for two-handed paint, as well as quality paintbrushes and rollers. Prepare the rollers to wrap around the adhesive tape. Pour the paint into a 20-liter bucket, then you may take a step to clean the roller and minimize drips on the floor. If you can, you should get some help from your friends or family.

You could take care of “precision” jobs and then paint around the finishes and the skirting board while you can lay the paint on the rest of the wall. Let it dry for at least two or three hours before applying the second coat. Here’s how to paint the plasterboard. Now you know how to paint a plasterboard, you should get it done by now! Ask for help from your surroundings. It can be a fun activity to be done together. Try it out! And of course, be creative!

Tips you should always remember: Clean all the walls before starting to paint.

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