Hello! I’m Leticia. Many called me Leti. I live in Rome at the moment, but my hometown is Leeds. I travelled far away from home to learn about fashion. Currently living in this city with my best friend, Tanya. So, now Rome is my home.

I have a cute cat called Jojo. He’s been with me for three years now. I love him, that naughty cute cat, even though we often get into a fight. He is not just a beautiful cat, he speaks in the true sense of the word, or at least that’s just my imagination. Well, he does communicate with me when he is hungry and lonely.

No less important than Jojo is Doodoo, the bird. Doodoo is a free bird. I don’t lock him in the cage, but every morning he always comes and visits me and then plays with Jojo. I don’t know whose bird he is. So, basically, my morning activity is talking to Jojo, Doodoo and Tanya when she is around.

I love designing. Well, that’s why I went to Rome. Actually, I could just go to London, but I wanted to know living in different country. I like the new atmosphere here, learning a new language, getting to know new people and culture.

Writing is what I enjoy doing every night. I love to write things I have seen before I go to bed. Other interesting subjects that I often write recently are about travelling, food, and designing. I was so surprised to find myself enjoying designing furniture. That’s why I keep writing in this blog. Do visit if you are also interested in the same objects.