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Nice Rack… Solutions For Companies, Not Pick-Up Lines

Jun 11,2016 - West Churchill -tips

cantilever-racking-systems-Colby Dandenong You will have to excuse the pun, but everyone wants a nice rack for their company. Whether you are a small company that just needs minimal storage solutions or if you are a large company with a high volume of products and need lots of room for inventory storage, there are several options that will maximize efficiency in your operation. For more information about cantilever racking visit Colby Dandenong. When it comes to racking systems there are several kinds that can be utilized depending on what needs to be stored. Here are some pros and cons of each kind!

Push Back Pallet Racks

These are extremely useful when space is not plentiful. These racks utilize gravity to create a pallet racking system that stacks the racks neatly into place. The last placed product will be the first one retrieved when using this racking system. However, there is a restriction on how much can be stored as it can only be about four to five lanes deep. Most manufacturers say that it takes about 4-5 hours to get acquainted with this system.


  • Saves on space
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Labor saving
  • Easy set-up


  • Limited items can be stored
  • Limited storage space for bigger items
  • Multiple parts that require maintenance

Drive In Pallet Racking

This type of racking is very simple. Basically, drive-in pallet racking is a very deep shelf. They are scalable to the point of having, virtually, unlimited storage capacity, especially if you do not need to access your products instantly. These are great shelves if you work with a high-volume of pallets and weight. You can set it up so inventory cycles through as last in - first out, or the first in – first out inventory order with this style of racking.



  • Significant use of manpower to move and remove products
  • Can’t be moved easily
  • Malfunctions can damage products and slow business
  • Significant above-head weight

Pallet Flow Rack

These are what are known as dynamic storage systems. Meaning that the first product that is stored is the first product out. They use gravity to make storage and retrieval much easier, with inclined shelves naturally sliding pallets. This is incredibly practical for a high volume company with fast moving inventory. The racking is scalable for a wide variety of weights and sizes making it ideal for the large and small business that need the quick turnaround of stored products. However, the inclined design of the racking can be hard on wooden pallets as they lean against each other and build pressure.


  • Space saving due to vertically inclined design
  • Saves time
  • Versatile in a wide variety of industries
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to access products


• Not pallet friendly • Not for low volume applications • Not for long-term storage applications

Carton Flow Rack

This type of rack is a special rack that requires the assistance of a consultant to help plan and strategize the implementation of this rack. This is for high density, high-volume industries and companies that ship products constantly. This style of racking has handlers using the first in – first out method of inventory. While the defining feature of this rack is a gravity roller tray that provides quick and safe stocking and shipping, which can be key for the perishable goods that this racking is eminently suited for.


  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Labor reducing
  • Less space compared to other racks
  • Less damage to products ### Cons:
  • Hard to adjust once installed
  • Requires a consultant
  • Costly
  • High maintenance
  • Can’t easily reach back inventory storage

Cantilever Rack

This particular style of racking is most useful to companies who are looking to store large and long inventory, such as lumber and carpeting. These bulky and hard to store items can be easily accessed from the aisle-facing cantilever racking, and the arms can be adjusted depending on your needs.


  • Can be adjusted per storage needs
  • Stores bulky, long inventory accessibility
  • High-load bearing capacity
  • Cost-effective


  • Requires large aisles to operate in
  • Will not hold pallets safely
  • Weight needs even distribution

Selective Pallet Rack

One of the most common styles of racking among lead retailers and other companies, selective pallet racks are considered the best bang for your buck if you don’t require lots of storage space. Also, if there is high turnover in your pallets, you may want to consider this system. It doesn’t usually work well with stacked pallets, and generally only fits one pallet deep. However, this style of racking allows for multiple types of machines for pallet picking to fit in aisles, and allows for easy inventory management as none of the inventory will be hidden behind another pallet.


  • Cost-effective for low storage
  • Easy inventory access
  • Accommodates multiple types of picking machines
  • Best for low volume, high turnover inventory ### Cons:
  • May slow down loading/unloading process
  • Doesn’t stack well
  • Lowest pallet storage option
  • Restricted storage height

Conclusion: Determine your needs

While a lot of companies make do with what they have, the advantages to having a dedicated storage or inventorying infrastructure system could make the difference in many companies bottom line. Even if your company hasn’t hit the point where they need to invest in a dedicated racking and storage system, planning is key to future success. Watching your company’s growth and studying which of these types of racks would best suit your company’s future needs will help you not get swapped when your company experiences a boom in production.

For example, if your company specializes in lumber, you may be able to store it without one of these racking systems. But good prep for the future would be to perhaps determine where a cantilever rack could be placed for future storage needs, and begin allocating money towards that eventuality.

In any case, depending on the industry, a good racking system would allow for better inventory processes so less is lost or damaged, and also better receiving and shipping procedures. With any of these systems, your company is bound to be able to find the best rack ever!

The Western Impact. How Melbourne’s West is improvising.

May 25,2016 - West -tips

Life is a combination of dark and light. Its widespread arenas make us experience every new day with a new challenge. On this course of challenges and struggle, one can get such stressful conditions, which may ultimately shatter and distort the personalities. Regardless of the innumerable advancement in science and technology, human mind still needs to be dealt with care and affection. A slight disorder of malfunctioning ( 1, 2 ) in human mind can lead to catastrophic results in all areas of life.

One of the great miseries related to mental disorders and problems is the lack of awareness about it. People usually are unable to deal with these kinds of disorders and issue because they are unable to get the knowledge that their issue is some mental disorder or psychological distress. The person suffering from the issue and the people around, both suffer from a kind of ignorance. Usually if a person is having any psychological issue, we consider it as a part of his or her personality and take it for granted. The usual attitude towards this kind of issues is quite reluctant. So not only the people suffering from, but the people around, are also needed to be trained so that we can build healthier societies. Ignoring or lingering the issue can put anyone in a situation which eventually becomes incurable.

About five years ago, I had been the victim of same problem, when I encountered a separation from my spouse. Living in the west it was always a big deal because the areas of Sunshine, St Albans and the pother around it were always considered a taboo. Specially living in these areas and then travelling to the city always got me thinking whether it was going to be worth my time. There were a large number of good people though for an example Tran Siu who did a lot for Brim bank as a former deputy mayor of that area.Getting into that phase of life was difficult and shattering. In the beginning I considered it to be the natural outcome of that critical incidence in my life, which I recently encountered. I kept on ignoring the issue, which was my biggest mistake. Depression overwhelmed so drastically that eventually I was unable to perform my regular household and professional roles. All these time I felt a need to cry. Even my socializing activities started getting restricted and there came a stage where I became totally antisocial. The regular eating and sleeping patterns also got disturbed and I started having recurring headaches. Using the tranquillizers felt me to be the greatest resort. The use of these sleeping pills was so disastrous that my professional life and career got disturbed drastically. Even when I was at office, my analytical and mental abilities were nil. During this difficult time of my life, I was doing a big mistake of ignoring my problem and not disclosing it with anyone. But humans are social beings. They can never remain isolated and aloof. The change in my personality and regular habits was obvious to my colleagues and my manager. My recurrent absenteeism was also enough to depict my lack of interest and inability. As I had been a high achiever for quite so many years, so my manager felt the need for investigating the real issue behind this drastic and unproductive change.

One day after the office hours, he called me in his office. In a quite friendly and open manner, he started discussing with me, that I had been unproductive for the past so many months. He was sure of the fact that something really disturbing and distracting is going through in my life, which never happened earlier, due to which I was unable to concentrate on my work. Maybe, I was in the need of someone listening to me .So when I told him my complete story, he immediately called a friend of his, who was practising as a psychological consultant for quite some time. I was reluctant to go to a psychologist. I also had the same stereotypical beliefs, that depression is not something to be treated. But my manager was the one who eventually convinced me that if I leave this issue unaddressed, it can harm my whole life and personality. He gave me some books to read and in the meantime he arranged for a meeting with his friend, who was to help me in getting through my phase of depression and misery.

The first session was relaxing and comforting. . He patiently listened to me. .. When paying for the counselling fee, I encountered some financial issues. But again bulk billing was my rescuer.. It is a quite constructive step of government, to help the general public in achieving better health facilities and maintaining a healthier life style. Under the scheme of bulk billing the government pays a part of the charges incurred during the medical treatment. Since the medical facility I was visiting was a part of the bulk billing scheme by the government, all my financial hurdles were solved.. Bulk billing can have the greater and long-lasting effects on developing healthier and fruitful nations. When the citizens will have quick and easy ways to get out of the mental and physical ailments, the pace of development of the nation can go higher and higher.

Within few months of counselling, I felt an obvious change in my personality and today I am cherishing a happier and exciting life. My professional life is also back to normal.. All my colleagues and family members have noticed a change in me. I consider it to be the obvious effect of my manger’s concern in solving the problem, the effect of counselling and the help provided by the government in the shape of bulk billing, without which this could never happen. I must say that if any of my reader is going through the same, the issue can easily be handled.

Are You Getting the Maximum Amount of Sun

May 02,2016 - Rebates Imapct -tips

If you are thinking about investing in solar panels, you need to ensure you maximize the amount of energy they will be producing. Start with research to get the lowest and most competitive prices available in the market as solar panel prices vary from supplier to supplier. Your solar power equipment requires sunshine to produce power, which is why you need to observe the suns exposure on your house for a couple of days as well as the locations and times when it hits hardest. This is because this is where you will have the solar panels placed. If you do find a perfect spot with a little shadiness due to trees, then you may want to trim these down. Read on below and discover five suggestions to how you can get the maximum amount of sun for your solar panels.

Planning the Amount of Wattage Needed

Before investing in solar panels, you need to be aware that you know exactly how much power to generate. You need to ensure you base calculations on the winter wattage level as there won’t be much problem in the summer and you want to make sure you have enough power that can last you all year.

Getting Solar Panels Professionally Installed

If you get your solar panels installed professionally this means you will definitely get the most from your solar panels. If you love DIY, that’s brilliant, but this is something you wouldn’t want to install incorrectly as it will have a negative effect on power output. Calling a professional to do this job is highly recommended as they will know the correct procedure as well as the right angle that will produce the maximum amount of power for your home.

Keeping Solar Panels Clean

Solar panels do not require much maintenance as they do not have any moving parts attached. However, what you can do is give them a quick clean once in a while in order to ensure they are creating the finest amount of power. If they ae dusty, then this will affect their power output, which is why you should give them a constant quick clean when you think they are getting dirty.

Keeping Shade off Solar Panels

Make sure your solar panels are not bombarded by shade and get rid of any vegetation that will cast a shadow on your solar panels. Alternatively, solar panels can work in the shade, but if they are in direct sunlight this will be better for both your and the solar panels.

Tracking the Power Output of Solar Panels

Using a specific monitoring system, you need to keep track of the amount of power your solar panels are order to help you with this, you can create a chart and record down the amount of energy on different days, which will show you a drop or rise in the energy being created.

If you stick to these five suggestions, you will be able to get the most from your solar panels and enjoy massive savings on your energy bills. Solar panels are the beginning and if you wish to maximize the performance, then you may want to consider improving the energy efficiency in your entire home. This includes things like, double glazing windows, wall installation, installing loft insulation, and more.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know why it’s so essential your solar panels receive the correct amount of sunlight, it is important you do not ignore this part of it as this is the main fragment. If you can’t really see much sun on one side, then you can always go for another side where there is more sun. It is only when you put your head down and begin to experiment that you will give yourself solar panels that will be working perfectly. To ensure the whole installation process is a breeze, it is sometimes better you refer to an expert for this. No matter how much you love DIY, this is something that cannot be fixed and uninstalled every day and must be done right the first time.

In conclusion, the whole notion of solar panels is extremely useful for you, your home, and the environment. The concept behind using solar panels is to use solar energy for products, which is why the whole point of placing your panels in the sun is so more energy, can be gained and used. Solar energy is extremely useful, especially in times like these where we are concerned regarding greenhouse releases using other sources of energy.